“Just Say No”…to Telemarketers that is

After a long series of phone scams cheating Americans out of nearly $100 million, the Federal Trade Commission has begun cracking down on several perpetrators. Several companies are currently under investigation including groups claiming to be non-profit organizations for the disabled and low cost prescription drug providers. All consumers should be on the lookout for companies that could be less than legitimate in their purpose by doing their own investigating into whether companies are truly non-profit, as well as how much and where the proceeds are going to. Different methods to be on the lookout for include companies asking for sizable donations in return for small items such as light bulbs as well as more threatening tactics involving the possibility of health care plans being terminated without membership in a certain program.

Unfortunately, it will take quite sometime before the FTC can officially press charges against these groups and even longer before they all disappear. In the meantime, they advise all consumers to beware of telemarketing calls and not to be afraid of hanging up. In early 2008, the Do-Not-Call Improvement Act was passed allowing all those signed up for the National Do Not Call registry to remain on it permanently.

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