Law Technology News Survey Ranks Fastcase #1 in Customer Satisfaction

Law Technology News has launched a new Vendor Satisfaction Survey broken down by industry.  In the legal research survey, respondents ranked Fastcase #1 in customer satisfaction in 7 out of 10 categories, and a very close second in two out of the remaining three. Fastcase was the clear winner in “Price for Value,” with 87.5% rating Fastcase as Excellent (LexisNexis was a distant second at 14.3% and Westlaw at 12.7%).

“In the Likelihood to Recommend” category, 50% of respondents gave Fastcase the highest rating of “Very” (compared to 26.5% for LexisNexis and 20.4% for Westlaw).  These numbers didn’t seem to surprise Greg Lambert of 3 Geeks and a Law Blog.

“Fastcase has worked very hard to break the attorney’s belief that Westlaw and Lexis are the only resources that they have at their disposal to conduct quality legal research…As a law librarian you really need to get on top of these products and understand how to use them, and how to train others to use them. This is one of those situations where your skills are needed by your firm in order to help push costs down.”

Fastcase also had the highest “Excellent” ratings for Products/services information in vendor literature, Ease of Installation, Customer service responsiveness, Ease of Integration into firm workflow, and Features and functions.

Westlaw ranked highest in one category, with 37.6% rating its availability of training as “Excellent” (narrowly edging Fastcase at 37.5%).  LexisNexis finished first in one category, Ease of integration with other technology, with 25.9% of respondents rating its products as “Excellent” (and narrowly edging Fastcase at 25.0%).

According to Monica Bay, editor-in-chief of Law Technology News, the survey was a follow-up to the annual LTN Vendor Awards, which are self-nominated.

Kevin Iredell, vice president of ALM’s Legal Intelligence unit, got the idea for the LTN Vendor Satisfaction Survey after administering the LTN Vendor Awards, where vendors self-nominated their products and services, and subscribers voted via an online poll. “We decided to do this survey based on feedback from IT and information services professionals,” he says. “When we announced the LTN vendor awards in the past, inevitably we’d get calls asking for more data and richer results.”

So the first confidential online survey was conducted from Jan. 29 to April 9, 2010. (LTN’s editorial team was not involved in the process.)

Invitations were sent to professionals in law firms, and the link to the survey was also available on and publicized via the LTN website. Of the 610 men and women who expressed interest, 505 were deemed “qualifying respondents” eligible to complete the survey because they have a significant role in purchasing, evaluating, or recommending legal technology for a law firm.

Bay also points out that respondents’ #1 criteria for choosing a vendor is customer service, which is not new news to our team at Fastcase.  From the outset, we’ve invested heavily in training, webinars, video tutorials, and live support by telephone or live chat (and no phone trees).  Even though we’ve built the smartest and most intuitive tools in the business, we back them up with industry-leading reference assistance and support.

Thanks to everyone for the great rankings and recognition!

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