Lou Pearlman Discovers New Act: Police Informant

Music producer Lou Pearlman, whom we have to thank for the “boy band” phenomenon of the mid-1990s, has recently tried to clean up his image by revealing to authorities information he has gleaned about a murder case while he serves his time in prison. Pearlman, convicted of fraud and sentenced to 25 years in prison for bank and investment scams, overheard a conversation between two inmates from his cell in a federal prison. Pearlman claims he heard Davin Smith, accused of murdering a cop during a failed robbery attempt, confess his guilt to another inmate. According to Pearlman, Smith and another man, Hugo Terry, were attempting to use a stolen bank card to rob a local bank when a stranger walked up. They attempted instead to rob the man, who turned out to be a cop, and according to Pearlman, Smith shot the officer before he could pull his own gun on them.

Pearlman’s account did not skimp on the details of his exchanges with Smith and the conversations he overheard, as his information could win him an early release from his own sentence. Joy Ragan, attorney to Hugo Smith, argues that Pearlman has no concrete evidence of the conversations, and that his cooperation is simply a ploy to help himself. Pearlman’s lawyer, however, asserts that he is only fulfilling his “duty as a citizen.” Pity that Pearlman did not feel the same duty to those from whom he stole that $300 million…

Source: CNN and the Orlando Sentinel

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