Major Oversight on US Terrorist Watch List

Congress is rushing through legislation to honor world renowned leader and Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Nelson Mandela, at the same time they attempt to remove him from a list of “known” terrorists. Mandela, along with thousands of others, has remained on the list since the African National Congress was defined as a terrorist organization by the South African government in the late 1970s. Thirty years later, the group that brought an end to apartheid and now serves as the majority party in South Africa still faces roadblocks when trying to visit the United States. Since the list has not been updated since the addition decades ago, any member of the organization must obtain special permission from the State Department in order to enter the US. Horrified by the oversight, members from Congress have drafted legislation in the past several months to eliminate this issue before July 18th, Mandela‚Äôs 90th birthday. With the July 4th recess beginning soon, Congress is left with little over two weeks for the legislation to pass the Senate and arrive at the White House for a signature. While it is not known if Mandela is planning a trip to the States any time soon, the US wants to ensure that if he does choose to visit he will be able to do so with no complications.


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