More Than 36,000 Legal Forms – Now On Fastcase!

At Fastcase, we’re always listening to your requests for new kinds of information to add to our online library. One of the most popular requests has been for us to add legal forms to the database, such as contracts, wills, and other routine filings. In that spirit, we’re happy to announce that, in conjunction with U.S. Legal Forms, we have added legal forms to the Fastcase legal research system!

In a megafirm, nobody starts from scratch. Before drafting a new form, lawyers send an e-mail around or query the firm’s database of forms, at least for a start. Now lawyers in small firms and in-house counsel can have the same advantage with a Fastcase subscription. You can either browse through a state-by-state topical index, or run a search over the database of forms. Most forms are available in Word format, for easy customization and editing.

Best of all, you only pay for forms if you use them (so we’re not raising our subscription prices!), and you pay transactionally, by the form, only when you select the form you want. You can search and view the results for free, and the forms range from a few dollars to about $20, so they are affordable, too. (Also cheaper than pulling your hair out every time you want to draft a document.)

To access forms, log in to Fastcase and select Search Legal Forms or click here to go directly to the forms page. Happy searching!

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