New Ways to Organize Your Favorite Documents on Fastcase

You asked for it. You got it. As of last week, you now have the ability to organize your favorite documents within Fastcase.

Adding a case to your Favorite Documents is the best way to avoid reinventing the wheel — once you’ve found authoritative, relevant cases for a particular issue, you don’t want to have to find it again in the future. Adding the case to your favorites allows you to review the most relevant law with ease, from any computer or from any of our apps, from anywhere.

Saving your research is important, but what good is saving it if you can’t easily find it when you need it?  To those ends, Fastcase now gives you the option to sort your favorite documents into different research folders. Simply open up your Favorite Documents (My Library >> Go to Favorite Documents) and begin organizing your search results.

After adding new cases to your favorite documents, you will be able to sort them into appropriately labeled folders with a simple click, drag, and drop.  Select “New Folder” to create a new place for these documents, or highlight an existing folder before clicking “New Folder” to create new sub-folders.

In the above example, Martin v. State began as a new addition to the Favorite Documents folder when I clicked “Save to Favorites” on my case. After I dragged and dropped it from my Favorites view, it ended up in the Eyewitness Testimony sub-folder under Florida cases. Store your cases where you choose, and easily move them between folders by dragging and dropping.  Add and delete folders as you go to simplify or re-organize your research.

We hope you like the improved Favorites page and we’re sure it will save your time and improve your Fastcase experience. This is one of the many quality of life changes coming in the near future so check back here on the blog and on the Facebook page to learn about new features as we add them.

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