People v. Superman?

Sure Superman can see through walls and fly faster than a speeding bullet, but how would he hold up on cross examination?  And would courtroom marshalls be able to restrain the Incredible Hulk?

Action Comics no. 359 (Feb. 1968). Personal collection of Mark S. Zaid, Esq. via Yale Law Library - Rare Books Blog

These are just some of the questions that visitors of the Yale Law School’s Lillian Goldman Law Library’s, “Superheroes in Court! Lawyers, Law and Comic Books,” exhibit may be pondering. The exhibit, featured in a recent New York Times Article, is guest-curated by Washington D.C. attorney and avid comic collector, Mark S. Zaid.

The exhibition will be on display through Dec. 16, 2010, in the Rare Book Exhibition Gallery, located on Level L2 of the Lillian Goldman Law Library in the Yale Law School (127 Wall St., New Haven CT).

Even if you can’t make it to New Haven, you can view some of the highlights on Yale’s Rare Books Blog, here.

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