Rehnquist Family Donating Papers to Stanford

Justice William Rehnquist was on the Supreme Court for thirty three years before his death in 2005.  Interestingly, only papers relating to decisions made between 1972, when Rehnquist joined the Court, and 1975, when John Paul Stevens joined the Court, will be made public.  This is because papers are not made public until every sitting Justice from each year is deceased.

Another piece of trivia related to this donation is that, unlike most Justices, the Rehnquist papers will not be released to the Library of Congress.  Apparently, Rehnquist was outraged with the LOC for releasing papers having to do with relatively recent cases after Justice Marshall died.
Scholars are excited about the release of his papers from the 1973 decision in Roe v. Wade as well as documents relating to his role in the impeachment of Bill Clinton.
Source: The Blog of Legal Times

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