Text To Free Tibet?

Text messaging was the main weapon in the arsenal of the “Free Tibet” and “Save Darfur” activists who attempted to disrupt the San Francisco Olympic Torch Relay last week. While the relay organizers were constantly changing the route of the flame to bypass large crowds and protestors, activists used text messaging to alert each other of the new plans so they could keep up.

One protestor even infiltrated the torch relay. According to the New York Times, an environmental activist named Marjora Carter was set to carry the torch for a portion of the day. Ms. Carter, however, was a mole for the Free Tibet movement; armed with her cell-phone, she had intended to disrupt the ceremony by notifying the protestors of the flame’s whereabouts. Her plan was foiled, and the torch relay continued without a major hitch. When the time came for Ms. Carter to bear the flame, she unfurled a Tibetan flag from her pocket, and was immediately escorted from the relay.

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