The Green Dam is Crumbling in China

The Chinese government had mandated that a filtering software be put on to all computers sold in the country earlier this year.  The Green Dam software prevented sites from being viewed and is essentially a filter blocking access to what the Chinese government deemed inappropriate material. Critics also have claimed the government could also use Green Dam to spy on the computer activities of its users.

This idea started to buckle almost immediately from computer manufactures who balked on including such software on the PCs they sold in the country.  China relented and allowed computer manufactures to ship computers without Green Dam installed in early July.  Now Chinese schools are also tossing out the filtering software due to complaints of it buggy nature.  Green Dam still must be installed in all internet cafes and other public places that provide access to the internet.

Whats your take on Green Dam?  Let us know in the comments!

Source: Reuters

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