There’s an App for That…much money?

The most expensive iPhone app in the App Store helps law students prepare for the California bar exam.

Though BarMax is marketing its new iPhone application as the inexpensive alternative to typical California bar prep packages, the buzz surrounding the App is focused on its $1,000 price tag, the highest in the App Store. Yes, the App costs several times the price of the phone itself. Yes, this might sound crazy at first; however, it is likely that many students will find BarMax CA to be a sound alternative compared to other bar preparation courses.

With outlines, lectures, 1500 questions, 1000 flashcards, and 18 real CA practice tests (taking up over a gig of space!) the App provides a lot of content. The real variable, of course, is functionality. Time—and reviews—will tell whether or not the App is overpriced.

BarMax CA can be found here in the Education category of the iTunes store, but we’re hoping the growing number of attorneys using iPhones and law-related Apps will encourage Apple to finally create a legal category of its own.

At a quarter of the price of competitors’ packages (which typically include live classroom instruction), BarMax is marketing the innovative app as a way to “enable bar prep at a much better price.” While $1000 is still a lot to pay for an iPhone App, we’re all for lowering the “bar” to access in the legal industry with tech-savvy alternatives.

Cheers to BarMax…and stay tuned.

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