To you I leave my…passwords?

Debating who you’ll leave that beachfront property to? Forget your problems with tangible assets, a new trend is encouraging internet users to name beneficiaries for cyber assets. Whether it’s an online bank account, social networking page or virtual gambling network, these sites and related accounts have value to each user.
The idea came about to create an online lockbox of sorts that would contain every important password for each account considered of worth. After an elaborate verification procedure upon notification of death, those passwords would then be released to the designated beneficiaries.
Whether passing down the rights to passwords is a result of the poor economy or merely another sign of our increasingly cyber savvy society, the business is already expanding. Not only can you ensure your passwords land in the right hands, but you can also arrange for your final words to be sent via email after your death has been properly verified. Innovative? Or just plain morbid? However you look at it, chances are this process won’t be leaving us anytime soon.

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