Together at last! Interactive Timeline and Forecite

We’ve merged two of our unique features and made it even easier for you to spot seminal and important cases.  Before, the Interactive Timeline plotted your results on a graph so that the most-cited cases were immediately apparent.  Forecite could be used to identify important cases that were not included in your search results and alert you to them.

Now we’ve combined those features so you can see the Forecite results in your Interactive Timeline.

Below, we ran a search for the terms “fighting words” and “First Amendment” in all jurisdictions.

Just as before, each one of the circles represents one of the cases in the list of results. We’ve drawn an orange box around the legend in the top right hand corner. The gray circle indicates how many times a case has been cited overall and the gold circle indicates how many times a case has been cited by a case in your list of results.  But now you see orange and gray circles which represent the Forecite results.  You can see that some of the Forecite results have been cited quite a few times!

To enlarge any area, just click and hold your mouse (we’ve drawn a second orange box around the “Click and drag to zoom” instruction) while drawing a square around the area you want to enlarge. The area you’ve selected will darken.

Let go of the mouse and the Interactive Timeline will zoom into the cases you’ve selected.

As before, simply hold your mouse over any case (circle) to get a preview of the case information and click to go to the full text of the case.

Note:  The new Interactive Timeline will only work in Internet Explorer 9 and higher. The old version of the Interactive Timeline will show. Recent versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari will show the new Interactive Timeline.

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