9 Reasons to Use the New TopForm Web


The first and best bankruptcy filing software just got better. Much better.

We’re pleased to introduce you to TopForm Web. It’s an all-online version of our popular TopForm software, and it’s a quantum leap forward in convenience, speed, and stability. We want people to try the new TopForm, so we’re making it free through December 1, 2016 (sign up for free here). Although you may need to pay for filing fees, credit reports through third-party services, and the like, there is no charge to use TopForm. TopForm Web also will be included for free with a TopForm Classic subscription, at no additional fee, after December 1.

What makes TopForm Web better? Here are 9 reasons to make the switch:

1: Create Petitions Anywhere, EverywhereUse it anywhere!

Each instance of TopForm Classic must be installed on a single Windows computer, but TopForm Web will work with any modern web browser. You can use it on any computer, anywhere in the world. It will even work on Macs, tablets and mobile devices! Work on petitions remotely, on site with clients, or on the go.

TopForm Menu Bar

2: It’s Simple to Use

TopForm Web is easier and more convenient to use than ever. TopForm walks you through a simple interview, with streamlined questions and explanatory guidance right where you need it. Easy-to-read fonts are paired with new sidebar navigation designed to maximize wide-screen displays. You’ll be up and running in minutes.



3: TopForm Web is Lightning Fast
Because TopForm Web is secure online software, it runs at the speed of the Internet. No more waiting for downloads, servers, or your computer. It will run lightning fast regardless of what computer you use to access it.

4: It’s Always Up to Date
As soon as Fastcase’s editorial team updates or adds a form or exemption, TopForm Web integrates that update seamlessly in the background. No more downloading and installing large update packages every few months. You can use TopForm Web with confidence, knowing that you’re always accessing the latest version.

5: Unlimited Storage, Bank-Grade SecuritySecure Storage
TopForm Web stores your information in a secure 256-bit encrypted online database. You will never have to worry about your hard drive failing or running out of space. There’s no limit to how much you can store; you can access it anywhere, any time; and we will keep all of your data safe and sound.


6: Carry Forward Your Existing Files
TopForm Web is a huge leap forward, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave your data behind. You’ll be able to upload your Master Address List with just a few easy steps. We’ll also port over any recent cases from the disc to the Web, if you’d prefer to finish them online. Just contact customer support and we’ll get your cases converted and moved over, quickly and easily.


7: Get Started in 90 Seconds

Getting started is easy! No need to download or install anything on your computer. Just go to www.topform.law and click on “Create Account”. Set up an account in seconds and get right to work on your filings.

8: Work With a Team, Effortlessly
With TopForm Web, there’s no need for complex local area network setup to allow multiple users to work on your cases. No server setup or network debugging, and no need to call in an IT administrator. Just open up the “User Settings” menu under “My Account” and give each user an UserID and password. Teamwork has never been easier.


9: TopForm Web is Continuously Improving
TopForm Web has a team of developers dedicated to adding new features on an ongoing basis. This is a brand new service and we’re excited to hear what you think! Have an idea for how to improve TopForm? Is there something you’ve always wanted to change about TopForm Classic? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to talk about your ideas for how to make TopForm Web the best bankruptcy product on the market.


**Get started on TopForm Web by signing up now, for free through December 1, 2016. You’ll be up and running in 90 seconds or less with the newest and best bankruptcy software in America! **

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