True Stories About Social Media Saving the Day

Twitter Network Critical for Disaster Recovery Operations
     A Twitter network helped Dr. Maurice Ramirez (ER physician and disaster preparedness consultant) and his partners (Red Cross and Loews Emergency Response Team) find supplies like water, gasoline, food, and electricity.  During Hurricane Ike, they also used Twitter to warn workers in Galveston that they needed to evacuate.  Now, he’s looking to set up a private network on either CollectiveX or Ning where agencies can post problems and solutions for one another. 

Finding Medical Care in Argentina
     Fellow Twitterers offered advice for an American woman living in Argentina whose husband became so sick he was unresponsive.  She learned that for $15, a doctor will make a house call, and that your follow up visit to the hospital will be easier with that doctor’s referral.

Finding Veterinary Care in Beirut

     A dog owner living in Beirut was able to connect with a vet who was able to advise her that the dog was having a seizure, needed to be in a dark room, and should be spoken to soothingly. 

Finding Raincoats for the Homeless
   Around 150 homeless people were waiting outside a shelter in California and it was about to rain.  A volunteer used Twitter to find out where he could get a bulk rate (immediately) on raincoats.  While he was on his way to the store, a follower blogged about the cause and raised $453 dollars – enough for over 100 raincoats.

Lawyers Using Social Media
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Source: Mashable

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