Use “Copy With Citation” to Finish Briefs Faster

Organizing legal research can be daunting, especially at the beginning of your project. Often you will find portions of cases that are relevant to your issue, but the majority of the opinion is unimportant for your purposes. Long fact sections, discussion of unrelated principles, judges waxing poetic on Shakespeare . . . you typically do not need the full text of an opinion to write your brief.

Fastcase can streamline your research project with one simple tool – “Copy With Citation.” This allows you to save small portions of cases and easily return to the source material at a later time if you need more context.

Click and Drag

To copy text with a citation simply click and drag to highlight the portion that interests you. Fastcase will automatically open a menu with two options: “Copy Text” and “Copy With Citation.” Select “Copy With Citation.”

Highlighting example

Paste the portion of the case you want to remember into a Word doc. The citation will automatically be generated following the text you pasted. When writing more complicated briefs and motions I often like to outline specific elements of my argument (and anticipatory counter-arguments). I then paste helpful quotes that back up my argument within the appropriate section of the outline.

Tip: To save even more time, type the reporter page numbers that you will need to cite later next to your quote (if they are not included within the body of the quote itself.)

Super Pro Tip: Fastcase links are static. This means you can create hyperlinks back to your cases and save them within your outline for easy access later.

After you paste a quote with a citation into Word, go back to your Internet browser and Fastcase. Copy the URL at the top of your case. Then return to Word, highlight the citation, right click, and select hyperlink. Paste the URL into the box labeled “Address” at the bottom. Now, if you want to easily pull up a case you quoted, you can just login to Fastcase and click the link within your outline.

“Copy With Citation” means less time in the office, well-organized briefs, and smarter legal research.

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