Website Tracks the Stimulus Money in Real Time

Curious about where all that stimulus money is going?  Have a look at, a website dedicated to helping Americans trace their tax dollars in the recovering economy.  The site aims to operate in real time and hopes to eventually become a place where citizens can discuss how the money is spent.  “The numbers are numbers.  And whether people agree with us or don’t agree with us, it’s every taxpayer’s dollar.  And if people want to criticize it, go for it,” says Macon Phillips, the White House director of new media.

It’s being called a new era in government because, for the first time, the web makes it possible to deconstruct spending at federal, state, and local levels.  City websites are popping up to serve similar a purpose.   Check out the New York City Stimulus Tracker here.

Taxpayers who want to weigh in aren’t the only interested parties.  Business people who want a piece of the stimulus action are also using the website to look for potential opportunities.   Firms are setting up workshops to help businesses learn how to take advantage of stimulus money.  (Read an article about it here.)

As written by one commenter: Tracking the stimulus money in real time is a start.  Next, operational budgets, expense reports….

Source: NPR

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