State Bar Associations Continue Making Switch to Fastcase for Legal Research Member Benefits

State Bar of New Mexico Joins Others Opting to Provide Fastcase as Preferred Legal Research System

Washington, DC (June 22, 2011) — Legal publisher Fastcase today announced a new partnership with the State Bar of New Mexico to provide access to smarter legal research tools and the comprehensive Fastcase online legal research system. Beginning August 1, 2011, this exclusive benefit will provide more than 8,600 members of the State Bar of New Mexico with free and unlimited access to one of the largest law libraries in the world.

This partnership is a significant milestone in the legal research industry, making Fastcase the number one provider of online legal research to more than a half million individuals with bar association memberships around the country, and providing its comprehensive legal research system to 100,000 more subscribers than the next biggest state bar provider.

With numerous AmLaw 200 law firms, 21 state bar associations, dozens of voluntary bar associations, and scores of law schools selecting Fastcase as their legal research provider, the company continues its mission of democratizing the law – making it more accessible to more people than ever before. It also provides free access to legal research through award-winning apps on iPhone and iPad.

As bar associations evaluate legal research options, they overwhelmingly determine Fastcase is a better service for their members. When comparing Fastcase with Casemaker, the evaluation committee of the State Bar of New Mexico chose to switch to Fastcase. This is the fourth state bar association to switch legal research providers from Casemaker to Fastcase, and the sixth state overall, counting two states that switched from Versuslaw and LexisNexis to Fastcase.

No state bar association has ever switched from a Fastcase benefit to another provider. Each of the seven state bar associations with the option to renew partnerships with Fastcase this year chose to continue providing Fastcase as a member benefit.

The switch to Fastcase allows members to access the nation’s smartest legal research tools for free through their bar association’s website – a service that would otherwise cost lawyers and law firms hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. The service is provided as a member benefit and is unrestricted by time or number of transactions, with unlimited printing, reference assistance, and customer service included for free.

For members of the State Bar of New Mexico, the benefit includes free access to Fastcase’s comprehensive national research service, including state and federal materials. Its New Mexico libraries include caselaw and statutes, session laws, administrative rules, regulations and codes. The service also includes transactional access to newspaper articles, federal court filings, and legal forms. Starting August 1, members may log in by going to, opening the legal research drop down menu, selecting Fastcase, and entering a bar ID and password.

“This will be a major upgrade for members of the State Bar of New Mexico. Starting this summer, their legal research will not only be free – for the first time it will also be powerful, intuitive, and elegant,” said Ed Walters, Fastcase CEO. “Smarter research tools, such as Fastcase’s iPhone and iPad apps, integrated citation analysis, Forecite for related cases, and four-dimensional Interactive Timeline views of search results, mean that membership in the State Bar is more valuable than ever.”

Fastcase has gained very strong momentum in the legal research market and was recently voted #1 in Law Technology News’s inaugural Customer Satisfaction Survey, finishing first in 7 out of 10 categories over traditional research providers Westlaw and LexisNexis. Fastcase’s free apps for iPhone and iPad have dominated the category, winning the prestigious New Product of the Year award from the American Association of Law Libraries. And Fastcase joined Apple, Google, Twitter, and others in the prestigious EContent 100 listing of companies that matter most in the digital economy.

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About the State Bar of New Mexico

The State Bar is a professional membership organization of attorneys licensed to practice law in the State of New Mexico. Established in 1886, the State Bar currently has over 8,600 members. The State Bar of New Mexico was incorporated under the laws of the State of New Mexico in 1978. Prior to that, the State Bar operated as an agency of the Supreme Court of the State of New Mexico, established by State Statute on March 17, 1925.

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