Australians Becoming Fans of the Fake Sick Day

The largest fraud case in history has begun developing in Australia between just about every company and worker on the continent. Decreasing productivity, a loss of $10 billion a year to be exact, has led most Australian companies to require a doctor’s note or some other confirmation when employees take sick leave. With workers taking an average of 10 days off a year as a result of illness, legitimate or otherwise, companies are becoming irritable over their lack of attendance. Now, as if phony diplomas were not enough, anyone can purchase a fool-proof doctors note online to avoid confrontation with their superiors.

Notes come with a semi-warning that they are “for novelty use only” while the website recommends putting them to use to get out of bothersome contracts such as gym memberships and includes in the fine print that they should not be used for illegal activity. It appears this company has forgotten just how illegal it is to forge someone else’s signature. Lawyers from the Australian Medical Association warn that using these fraudulent notes could lead to serious charges as they use the names of real doctors in order to be convincing. So far police have maintained their distance since the company is located outside of Australia but this in no way means that those making use of the certificates will be so lucky. Fraudulent behavior is never an issue to be taken lightly and users could face penalties or even unemployment.

Source: Reuters

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