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Building and Improving Your Online Presence

More people are using the internet to find products and services in today’s world, and as COVID-19 continues to change the way businesses operate, people are leaning into technology even more. This means that more and more legal clients are relying on internet research to find, compare, contact, and hire their attorneys.


How available are you online? In our digital age, it’s a requirement for lawyers to be searchable and available to clients. The best way to accomplish that is to meet them where they are: the internet. Here are a few crucial steps to take to improve your online presence.


Update Your Website


When was the last time you revisited your website? Make sure you’re incorporating SEO techniques, like keywords and key phrases, into your website copy so clients can find you via online searches. Make sure your website is easy to navigate and understand and incorporate a simple, professional design. Information should be straightforward to accommodate an online audience since their attention spans can be short and they’ll move onto the next one.


Create a Google Listing


Sign up for Google My Business so that you can associate your business with your practice address and create a business profile. This helps clients learn more about you instantly with business details, photos, contact information, and more. You can also track analytics to see how leads are finding and interacting with your listing.


Join an Attorney Directory


There are many online attorney directories where potential clients in need to find legal help. You’ll be doing yourself a big favor by joining a directory since they allow clients to find you based on their location and their specific legal situation. They can compare you to other attorneys near them and they have peace of mind that you’re legitimate. You increase your exposure, credibility, and searchability by joining a directory.


Add Modern Attorney to Your Online Portfolio


Modern Attorney is a new kind of lawyer directory. In addition to highlighting your credentials and experience, Modern Attorney allows you to list what makes you unique. Your profile will showcase your personality and interests while showing your flexible and tech-savvy workflows, like alternate payment options, fee structure, communication methods, and nonstandard availability. This is especially important during the pandemic since you can show prospects that you are offering video meetings, online payments, and free consultations.


By joining Modern Attorney, you’re not only becoming more searchable, but you’re becoming more human to clients. They can learn about who you are and your approach while also viewing your qualifications and experience.

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