California Medical Board Investigates Octuplets

You’ve probably heard of Nadya Suleman, the woman who gave birth to octuplets.  At first, the story was the miracle of the babies’ birth.  Of course, controversy followed.  Suleman was already the sole parent of six other children and does not have the financial resources to care for all fourteen children.  So far, most media covers the potential consequences Suleman’s doctor could be facing. 

California Medical Board Investigating Suleman’s Fertility Doctor

In Belguim, it is illegal to have the in vitro fertilization of more than one embryo at a time.  And, in Sweden, there there are financial incentives to avoid multiple births.  The U.S. doesn’t have legal regulations, however, there are professional guidelines.

Apparently, over 300 pages in public documents have been released to prove that Shuleman suffered from depression until she began having children.  And, she used the same fertility specialist for all of the implants.  Her doctor knew of her six other children at the time of the procedure.  In the words of one California physician who supports the Medical Board’s investigation, “a physician has the responsibility to provide a patient with treatment options that fall within the standard of care for the condition being treated.” 

Click here to read the FindLaw article and for a list of links about the investigation and enforcement process for the Medical Board of California.  According to CBS, the penalty ranges from a reprimand to revokation of license. 

According to the LA Times, the American Society of Reproductive Medicine is also looking into the Suleman’s doctor.

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