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COVID-19 Webinars and More from Fastcase


In addition to the standard Fastcase webinars, our team is introducing a series of non-CLE approved webinars to learn more about the COVID-19 Pandemic and how it pertains to the legal and legal tech industries.


Upcoming Webinars


Can You At Least Wear A Shirt: Virtual Conferencing in COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic canceled numerous in-person events and now we move to the world of virtual conferencing. In this best practices edition of WFH Wednesday, we talk all things virtual meeting for the lawyer in 2020. Strategies. What not to do. Legal snafus. What do the standing orders say? Did he really not wear a shirt? Learn all this and more, no human contact required.

Special Guest: Jess Sousa, Jessica Sousa Custom Events.

Presented by Erin Page, Senior Law Librarian, and Reference Attorney, Fastcase

and Kenneth Strickland, Reference Attorney, Fastcase 

Webinar Date: Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Webinar Time: 2:00 PM Eastern


Trying to stay on top of all legal developments stemming from COVID-19 pandemic? Our Managing Director for the Fastcase Legal Research Platform, Damien Riehl, will discuss how you can use Fastcase to (1) research the most-recent COVID-19 legal developments, as well as (2) set alerts to be notified of new, breaking developments. In the process, Damien will discuss some of the country’s most-recent and most-interesting COVID-19 cases, statutes, secondary materials, and regulations. We hope that you’ll be able to join this informative and timely discussion.
Presented by Damien Riehl, Managing Director, Fastcase Legal Research Platform

Webinar Date: Friday, May 29, 2020

Webinar Time: 12:00 PM Eastern


The COVID-19 Litigation Weekly Episodes:

3/20 The COVID-19 Litigation Weekly, Episode 1: A Real-Time Review of COVID-19 Dockets & Documents

3/27 The COVID-19 Litigation Weekly, Episode 2: A Brief Tour of What is Happening Across Jurisdictions

4/03 The COVID-19 Litigation Weekly, Episode 3: A Look into Analytics

4/10 The COVID-19 Litigation Weekly, Episode 4: Let the Class Actions Begin

4/17 The COVID-19 Litigation Weekly, Episode 5: Patent and Trademark Litigation in Light of COVID-19

4/24 The COVID-19 Litigation Weekly, Episode 6: How to Conduct Complex Video Hearings During COVID-19

5/1 The COVID-19 Litigation Weekly, Episode 7: How to Collect and Follow Litigation News During COVID-19

5/8  COVID-19 Litigation Weekly Episode 8: How to Protect and Manage a Trademark Portfolio Under COVID-19

5/15  COVID-19 Litigation Weekly Episode 9: How to Conduct Remote Video Depositions During COVID 19

5/22 COVID-19 Litigation Weekly Episode 10: How Mediation and Arbitration Work During COVID-19



Work From Home Wednesdays – recorded sessions:

4/03 Disaster Relief – Sources to Know During COVID-19

4/08 Paying the Pandemic Piper: Managing Student Debt During COVID-19

4/15 Who Really C.A.R.E.S.?: COVID-19 Debt Relief Legislation Today and Tomorrow

4/22 Excuse Me, My Law Firm Was Talking: The Law of Business Interruption During Diasters

4/28 AI, But Why A Conversation with Joshua Walker, Author of ‘On Legal AI’

5/6 No Profit in Profiteering

5/13 I Choose You: Forum Shopping in the Modern Age



Take advantage of free Fastcase webinars on how to conduct legal research. The webinars at this link are available for CLE credit in many jurisdictions, and a great way to accumulate CLE credit remotely.






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