Dallas Lawyer and Firm Respond to “Out of Context” Letter by Houston Lawyer

Last week, we brought you this letter from a Houston hurricane victim/lawyer to a Dallas attorney.  In this letter, the Houston lawyer rants about all the reasons he could not make it to a deposition scheduled by the Dallas lawyer and states that the Dallas lawyer completely failed to be sensitive to the logistical challenges in light of the hurricane.

The letter spread on blogs (like ours) and via email.  Now, the Dallas lawyer wants that same community to hear his side of the story.  He publically responds to the Houston lawyer’s allegations on his firm’s website.  He also details the effect of this email on his personal reputation and his firm’s reputation.  
We post this not because anyone is particularly interested Texas attorneys’ online beef, but as a reminder to ourselves and our readers that every story has two sides.
Source: Above the Law

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