Docket Alarm Extends Litigation Analytics to Ten New State Counties and Appellate Courts at ILTACON

Analytics Workbench Forges a New Category of Tools for Makers in U.S. Law Firms


Washington, DC (August 15, 2018) – Today Docket Alarm announced litigation analytics for ten new state counties and appellate courts via its ground-breaking “Analytics Workbench” product. Docket Alarm and Fastcase will be showcasing the Analytics Workbench and more at the International Legal Technology Association Conference (“ILTACON”) August 19-23 in National Harbor, Md. at Booth 336.


Law firms have long considered state courts to be the “holy grail” of litigation analytics, and Docket Alarm has accelerated its addition of state courts since its acquisition by Fastcase in January 2018. In addition to comprehensive coverage of federal courts, Docket Alarm has added coverage of 15 state courts this year, including ten new state counties with this release.


“The velocity with which we are adding courts and analytics validates Docket Alarm’s approach to delivering insight from data, and Fastcase’s commitment to bringing innovative products to market,” said Docket Alarm Founder and Managing Director Michael Sander. “The value of a Docket Alarm subscription is on a fast upward trajectory.”


Docket Alarm’s Analytics Workbench allows attorneys, librarians, and other “makers” within a law firm to build their own bespoke litigation analytics across any court, practice area, or litigation event. At ILTACON, Docket Alarm will be announcing its expansion of search and analytics coverage to nine new courts:


  • Washington State (Five New Counties)
  • California State (Two New Counties)
  • Virginia State (Supreme, Appellate, and Circuit Courts).


This latest addition to 230-million-plus litigation records already on Docket Alarm is a demonstration of the aggressive approach Fastcase has taken since its acquisition of Docket Alarm in January 2018.


The new Analytics Workbench service adds to Fastcase’s growing list of tools for digital makers, including the Fastcase 7 legal research platform, its industry-leading API tools, Cloud Linking, and its AI Sandbox tool, a development environment in which leading firms are creating their own tools using artificial intelligence.


“Analytics are a new must-have tool for firms – clients expect their law firms to understand not just what the law is, but how it is applied by different courts and practiced by firms,” said Fastcase CEO Ed Walters. “We’ve had great analytics tools that steer strategic litigation decisions in federal court, but for most firms the action is really in state courts. Now Docket Alarm has raised the stakes with customizable analytics and extended the tools to state courts as well.”


To schedule a demo or learn more about the latest Fastcase additions, visit:


Attendees of ILTACON will be able to schedule demonstrations of any of Fastcase’s newest suite of products including:


AI Sandbox: customized first-of-its-kind platform that allows law firms to use artificial intelligence in a secure environment to crunch their own big data, compare it with public legal data or metadata from Fastcase, and analyze it using cognitive intelligence tools such as IBM Watson Analytics and Watson Developer Cloud.


Docket Alarm: now you can access Docket Alarm’s database of briefs, pleadings, and judgments directly within Fastcase to quickly shape effective arguments. Docket Alarm’s exclusive new “Analytics Workbench” enables litigators to explore insights previously unavailable to hone litigation strategy. Subscribers can update to the full Docket Alarm platform for $99 per month and receive exclusive discounts for members of partner bar associations.


Fastcase 7.3 (“Mercury”): preview the “Mercury” update, the first in a series of planned updates and improvements to Fastcase’s user interface slated for release this year. The Mercury update will include changes to the Advanced Search and Document View features. Other improvements include a streamlined print queue interface and an easier to use History and Favorites system to help users pick up where they left off. 7.3 will also allow users to save their search presets, such as document type and jurisdiction, and default to those favorites to make repeated searches faster and easier.


Full Court Press: Fastcase’s upcoming publishing portfolio of 40 plus print, on-line and digital publications such as RAIL: The Journal of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence & Law, and Walker on Legal AI, co-developed digests, journals, deskbooks, and blogs with an array of state bar and specialty bar partners, including state and specialty bar associations, leading law schools and law firms, and franchise authors.


If you are not attending ILTACON and would like to preview the new suite of products, request it here.



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