Ex-Detainees to be Released in US

On Friday, 17 Chinese Muslim detainees are scheduled to be released from Guantanamo Bay and delivered to the DC Court which ordered their release on Tuesday.  In an emergency motion, the Department of Justice argues that only the executive branch may decide whether to admit an alien to the United States.  
The detainees were pursuant to charges that they received weapons training at an Ahfgan military camp.  They fled to Pakistan and Pakistani authorities ultimately turned them over to the United States.  They were held in Guantanamo even though, in 2004, it was determined that they were not military combatants.  
They are not being returned to China because there are credible threats that they would be harmed upon returning to China.  However, the DOJ argues that they should not be released in the United States because they present a risk to citizens.  Efforts to place the released in another country have been unsuccessful.

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