Fastcase Announces Additions to the Littler International Library

Fastcase offers access to the Littler International Library (a series of Guides by country) through its legal research application, so users can search through the robust collection of workplace laws and regulations of 46 countries and territories. If you are an annual subscriber, you can access the Guides, which provide insight into the individual country’s labor and employment laws.


Here is a quick look at what the Littler International Library is and new additions to the collection,.


About Littler


Littler Mendelson P.C. is the world’s largest labor and employment law practice, with more than 1,600 attorneys in 100 offices across four continents. With a focus on innovation, Littler assists employers of all sizes with best practices for the workplace and legal solutions for complex multinational issues including global mobility and immigration.


The Littler International Library covers the entire employment life cycle in a question/answer format. The individual Guides are written by attorneys and scholars from all over the world, including Littler attorneys, and cover more than 90 topics about workplace law across 14 categories. Each Guide offers responses to the same questions so that topics can be compared across jurisdictions.



What’s New?


The Fall 2021 edition is now available through Fastcase. Updates in this edition include the addition of the European Union. With an annual subscription to the Guides of your choice, there is no need to purchase new editions every time an update is published. Your Guide will be automatically updated within the Fastcase platform.


How to Purchase Littler International Guides


There are 46 Guides within the Littler International Library, and each is available for $30. Follow these steps to buy individual Guides:


  1. Login to the Fastcase legal research application.
  2. Click “Browse Libraries.”
  3. Scroll down to Littler Mendelson International Library, under Secondary Materials.


Fastcase allows employment and labor law information to be more accessible than ever in our legal research application. Start browsing the Littler International Library within the comprehensive law database.

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