For Ted Kaczynski, There’s No Place Like Home…

It would seem a bit ironic for Ted Kaczynski to make a hobby of protecting the best interests of his victims and their families, but thats just what the man known as the Unabomber did last week. In June, Kaczynski learned from an article in the Washington Post that the FBI has leant his dilapidated cabin, from where he launched his bombing attacks, to D.C.’s Newseum. The cabin is featured in an exhibit of the relationship between the FBI and the news media, called G-Men and Journalists: Top News Stories of the FBI’s First Century. In July, Kaczynski wrote a letter to the Federal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals condemning the exhibit, arguing that the publicity surrounding the cabin’s display could create undue harm and distress to his victims and their loved ones, and that it violated their expressed wishes for privacy.

Kaczynski’s brief letter, written by hand, holds the government responsible for the publicity of the cabin, citing the advertisement he had seen, which reads “From FBI Vault.” The cabin, Kaczynski’s hideout in rural Montana during his Unabomber days, was seized from another woman shortly after Kaczynki’s arrest. It was there that Kaczynski wrote his “Unabomber Manifesto,” lambasting modern society and the scourge of technology, which he sent to The Washington Post and the New York Times in 1995. When it first swept the cabin, the FBI seized the typewriter on which Kaczynski wrote his tract, and several earlier drafts of the document. Kaczynski, who during his trial was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, pleaded guily to 18 years of random bombings, which led to at least 29 injuries and 3 deaths. He is now serving a life sentence in prison without parole.

Source: MSNBC

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