Google Launches a Browser … Check Out Chrome (In Beta)

Google’s latest projected has been outed by the blogosphere 24 hours before their scheduled release. Google Chrome, ( will be launching tomorrow as a beta for windows machines. In their blog reaction to being exposed they list Mac and Linux versions being available soon.

Here are some quick hit details about the browser:

  • Based on open source code (with code taken from Safari and Mozilla’s webkits)
  • Will feature a brand new virtual machine dubbed V8
  • Tabs above the address bar
  • Incognito Privacy Function (Similar to the just announced in private mode in IE8)

If you download the beta today, let us know how you like it in the comments. We’ll be posting our reaction to using it tomorrow after downloading the beta.

Browser Download Link: Google’s Chrome Browser (Beta)

Update: Check out some advanced screen captures here or view Google’s comic explaining Chrome’s features here.

Source: Google Blogscoped

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