Gun Shop Owners Display Mixed Feelings Over Ruling

Gun shop owners in the Washington Metropolitan area are not all smiles as some may have thought following the historic overturn of the DC gun ban last week. Although many accurately predicted an initial increase in sales, most are hesitant to offer their products and classes to DC residents just yet. Their concern lies with the new laws the District will be drafting in the coming weeks regarding limitations on the purchase of guns and guidelines for registration. Gun shops in Virginia and Maryland reported high numbers of interested customers coming in from the District but want to respect the city’s wishes on to handle their citizens new privilege. Despite the Supreme Court’s overturn of the gun ban, both residents of the District and shop owners alike are aware of the heavy restrictions that could be placed on the purchase of handguns. Even though courts determined it unconstitutional for the city to forbid their residents from keeping guns, they can make it as difficult as possible to obtain one. One shop owner offered his opinion, “If they set the bar 10 feet high and no one can jump through it, what’s the point in trying to get one?”  revealing a great deal of skepticism still surrounding the issue. In addition, shop owners overwhelmingly answered “no” when asked if they had plans to open new shops or shooting ranges in the District, a sign that it will take some time for everyone to adjust to the decision. Although supportive of the ruling, it is clear that this argument is not over yet and no one is quite sure how it will turn out.


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