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How to Grow Your Law Firm

In any normal year, growing your law firm is at the forefront of your mind. But when we’re faced with a pandemic that has hurt the economy, pushing many businesses to close and laid-off workers to claim unemployment, you may be thinking up even more creative ways to stay afloat.


Now, more than ever, you need to stay competitive. How can you stand out and attract new clients? Using an online attorney directory like Modern Attorney is one method, which helps you improve your online presence and make new connections. Another is outsourcing tasks so you can focus more on helping your clients and growing your law firm.


Here’s a deeper dive into both of these strategies.


Why use Modern Attorney?


In addition to increasing your search-ability, joining Modern Attorney gives you a lot more opportunities for growth. One important benefit is the ability to show your clients all the ways you can be there for them during the pandemic. For example, you can showcase offerings like:


  • Video conference meetings
  • Using an online portal
  • Phone meetings
  • Client texting

These alternate methods of communication will be especially important as clients may be worried about in-person interactions.


Modern Attorney is also the perfect place to showcase your educational background, qualifications, memberships, personality traits, hobbies, and practice areas. Let your potential clients get to know you so they will start to trust you right away.


Modern Attorney SEO updates


Modern Attorney recently got several important updates that will help your practice get more exposure. First, clients can now read content about their legal situation when searching for attorneys in that area. This helps them understand the legal process and what to expect when working with an attorney.


Other updates include the ability to search by practice area and search by state, helping those in need of legal services narrow down their results faster and more effectively. These updates help people find you when they need you most.


Getting additional help


Another way to grow your practice is to get help with time-consuming tasks. Especially during busy seasons, your time and energy can be weighed down with administrative jobs like data entry and paperwork. And, you may not want to pay for an in-house paralegal right now to do the work.

Consider Paralegal as a Service, which gives you on-demand virtual paralegal help. These friendly legal professionals work remotely and can be hired on a case-by-case basis. They cover tasks like legal research, client intake, data entry, paperwork, case management, and more. Free up your time by delegating.

Learn more about Modern Attorney and Paralegal as a Service to keep moving your practice forward.


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