Law Street Media Introduces “Insights”, Brings Deep-Dive Analytics to Legal News

Law Street Media, Fastcase’s industry-focused legal news service, is announcing the debut of “Insights”, articles providing in-depth analysis with analytics-based content that spotlights litigation trends. Readers will learn more about business opportunities in healthcare, agriculture and tech.


Authored by Fastcase’s legal reporters, Insights articles a deeper level of legal news. Insights articles are enriched with industry-first custom legal analytics, allowing Law Street to cover legal trends by incorporating One-Click Analytics from Docket Alarm.


Law Street’s first Insights article “ANALYTICS: Who Represents Facebook? A Deep Dive Powered By Docket Alarm” shows trends in Facebook’s appearances in federal court from January 2019 to September 2020, complete with analysis accompanied by charts and visuals created by Docket Alarm’s One-Click Analytics. The second article, “ANALYTICS: How the Meat Industry Leads to Dozens of Antitrust Lawsuits,” surveys allegations of anticompetitive activity in the meatpacking industry in recent years, and analyzes which companies are sued the most, and who represents them.


For lawyers wanting to grow or protect, their book of business, Insights articles are a model for using legal analytics as a tool to survey competitive landscapes, learn more about legal needs of an industry, and making data-backed decisions on litigation.


Law Street’s news sections currently include Agriculture and food, Technology, and Health. Each of the industry sections highlight emerging litigation and docket analysis by leveraging Docket Alarm’s wealth of real-time docket, litigation, and analytics information to create legal news that generates business for its users.


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