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Purchase Now | New Lawyer Launch: The Handbook for Young Lawyers

Fastcase’s latest book release, New Lawyer Launch is now available in the bookstore!


While law school and bar exam courses may prepare young attorneys for legal analysis, many entry-level lawyers are caught off guard by the transition to professional life.


That’s where New Lawyer Launch comes in, sharing foundational, timeless, and practical advice that will prove invaluable to recent law graduates. With strong backgrounds in mentorship, Susan Smith Blakely and her noteworthy contributors guide readers through strategies critical to achieving satisfying and successful careers.


Buy New Lawyer Launch: the Handbook for Young Lawyers for only $29


From making positive first impressions, developing productive and professional work habits, building effective business networks and becoming comfortable with promoting work and professional talents, to maintaining admirable reputations, serving others, and advocating for the wider community, it is all here to help young lawyers achieve their goals in a profession that sometimes can seem illusory.


To learn more about this newly published Full Court Press title, download the Table of Contents and share with your colleagues and friends who are new to the legal industry.


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