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New Book Release | The Journal of Federal Agency Action

Fastcase’s new book release, The Journal of Federal Agency Action is now available in the bookstore!



Published six times annually,The Journal of Federal Agency Action offers readers a wealth of information and analysis related to ongoing changes in the federal regulatory space.


Available for Purchase in the Fastcase Bookstore for $70


Topics covered include securities, finance, banking, tax, labor/employment, defense, cybersecurity, procurement, and more, with each issue covering a wide range of timely and important areas of interest to attorneys and law firms, in-house counsel, corporate compliance officers, government agencies and their counsel, senior business executives, and anyone interested in federal agency actions.


Enjoy a FREE sample of The Journal of Federal Agency Action: U.S. Justice Department Announces Substantial Revisions to Corporate Enforcement Policy by Andrew S. Boutros, David N. Kelley, Andrew J. Levander, Vincent H Cohen Jr., and D. Brett Kohlhofer, in which the authors review new guidelines announced recently by the U.S. Department of Justice for prosecutors to use when determining how to assess and treat corporate offenders. To learn more click here to instantly download your free article.  


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