Rights for Same Sex Couples in Hungary, Australia Nepal to Change

A Hungary law set to take give same sex couples the same inheritance, taxation, and finance rights as married heterosexual couples was struck down by the national Constitutional Court before it could take effect on January 1, 2009.  The vote in the Hungarian parliament was narrow – 185 to 164 in favor of the civil partnerships.  The Constitutional Court ruled that the law undermined traditional marriage.

Same-sex unions are also in the news in Australia.  The Senate passed two bills.  One was a General Law Reform Bill  and the other was a Superannuation bill which will amend all laws to give Australian same-sex couples the same rights as Australian heterosexual couples.

Additionally, Nepal’s Supreme Court ruled that the government must end discrimination based on sexual orientation.  Under this ruling, gay marriage will be legal in Nepal.  Read about it in the Hindustan Times here .

Source: Jurist

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