Top 8 of 2008: Highlights from the Fastcase Blog

Over the past year, Fastcase has brought you more than 500 articles reviewing the latest in legal and technological news. As we start off 2009, we take a look back at some of our most popular and ground-breaking posts.

This summer we brought you a story covering the rising problem of knife violence, particularly occurring in Europe. This story broke from the usual and garnered quite a bit of attention on our blog.
For the first time in years, the US began a War Crimes Trial against Salim Hamdan for his involvement in the September 11th attacks. The opening of the trial followed years of debate and a trip to the Supreme Court to determine if this venue for Hamdan’s trial was even constitutional.
One of the biggest issues from the 2008 election and Fastcase was covering it long before it ever reached a vote. Staying up to date on this and other legal issues is easy with the Fastcase blog.
To say that 2008 was the year of Google would be an understatement. The Fastcase blog covered several stories involving the Internet leader ranging from privacy issues to an entirely new browser. Needless to say, this year Google did not disappoint. Take a look back at just a few of the top stories.
4. Free books, free music. What more could you ask for?-
This year we launched a new category of posts where we brought you the Book of the Month and a number of MP3s all at no cost to you! Let us know how you liked these perks of the Fastcase blog and give us some more ideas for the future in the comments section.
3. Blagojevich Scandal-
While we still don’t know what the outcome will be in Rod Blagojevich’s alleged auctioning of President-elect Obama’a Senate seat, we did take the time to review predictions of who his legal counsel would be. You can be sure that as the story unravels, Fastcase will be covering it.
In one of the year’s most monumental legal moments, the US Supreme Court overturned the 32-year-old gun ban in DC allowing residents to purchase and possess handguns. Fastcase brought you the news within minutes of its decision.
1. Fastcase in the News!-
Whether it was a feature in Forbes or a spot on Fox Business News, Fastcase has made big news this year. We hope that you enjoy our blog and when you’re not following along, check out our legal research services at Happy New Year!

2008’s Most Popular and Syndicated Post: What Happens If There Is An Electoral Tie?

Happy New Year Everyone!

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