UN Points Fingers in Global Food Crisis

The Food and Agriculture subset of the UN called for summit recently to address the increasing problems of the food crisis occurring around the globe. The FAO accounts more than just a few nations as being problematic for reasons including placing bans on exports, overspending and other excesses causing the price of food to skyrocket around the world. It will take years, and the cooperation of several countries, to solve the problem of increasing hunger but the UN would like to lay out a plan to do so. Ultimately the decision will have to be made by those developed nations with the ability to support third world agricultural economies hit hardest by the crisis. While the more developed nations, including the US, have always been more than willing to reach out to their fellow inhabitants, concern over their own workers and economies may hold them back from reaching out too much. Although none will deny the need for regulation over the food crisis, proponents of the cause will find themselves butting heads with those attempting to salvage their own economies, bolster their workforce and find alternative energy sources. With so many issues for the UN to face, it will take years of careful planning to determine which problem can be reconciled first and which can afford to wait.

Source: MSNBC.com

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