Would You Trade Life in Prison for a Bucket of KFC?

Tremayne Durham thought it was a fair deal. Durham, who was accused of the 2006 murder of an Oregon man, pled guilty to the crime on the condition that he could take a break from prison gruel to feast in fast food heaven. Judge Eric Bergstrom guaranteed Durham two meals for his plea, the first a spread of fried chicken and the second an italian-themed dinner. In support of the decision, Deputy District Attorney Josh Lamborn explained that the agreement would save some money for the state of Oregon.

In 2006 Durham, a New Yorker, had the wild idea of putting together his own ice cream truck. Unfortunately, he got cold feet after he bought his new vehicle, and the business from which he had ordered it refused to give him a refund. Enraged, Durham drove cross country to Oregon to seek revenge against the company’s owner, but confronted a former employee instead, shooting and killing the man. Durham has been sentenced to life in prison, but will be up for parole in 30 years time.

One has to wonder why a man with such a passion for good eating would give up his ice cream dream. He could have had it all: fast food and his freedom.

Source: CNN

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