7.3.10 – Outline View Enhancements

What’s New

  • External Resources in Outline View – Fastcase is an enormous database, but even we can’t always have everything. There are some libraries and resources you might need that we don’t have hosted in our database yet. You can now find links to those outside resources in the Outline view. You can recognize them by the exit icon to their left.
  • All Federal Materials Outline – We’ve added a new outline that lists all of our federal material in a single place, so you can find it even more quickly when you need it!

What’s Changed

  • Improved Sorting for State Outlines – The State level Outline View now always shows the most state-specific materials at the top.
  • More Intuitive Document View Icons – We’ve changed some of the icons on the Document View toolbar to make them easier to understand at a glance. Don’t worry – they still do the same things as before.
  • Updated Loading Spinners – Branches in Outline VIew and the Matching Libraries list sometimes take a little while to load. We’ve added new spinners to make it clear that the system is still working while they do.
  • Updated Login Screen – The old login screen sometimes ran a little slow, and it looked a bit outdated. The new screen should get you into the application faster and more easily.
  • Improved “Open in New Tab” Functionality – Now if you open a document in a new tab, it will just open that specific document, rather than loading a second redundant copy of your search results.
  • External Document Links – Some documents hosted on Fastcase contain links to other websites. Those links are now enabled, but you’ll be warned before we send you to a different site.

What’s Fixed

  • Jurisdictions Lists – Lists of available jurisdictions were being improperly sorted by abbreviation, rather than by the full state name.
  • Document View – Some documents were failing to load for some users.
  • Include Historic Editions – The search engine was not recognizing a change to the search parameters when users changed whether or not to include historic editions. That lack of change detection caused the engine to block some searches as duplicates.

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