7.3.7 – Performance and Usability Improvements

What’s Changed

  • Date Range Selection – Setting a date range for your search is now much easier and more intuitive. Just click the start date, then click the end date!
  • Timeline Tweaks – Several quality-of-life improvements to the Timeline. It will now tell you how many documents it is showing, and when expanded it will give you the option to set how many documents you want it to show. We’ve also increased the size differentiation on the bubbles to make it more clear which cases are really important.
  • Search Scope – Search Scope will no longer scroll if you add too many filters on the Results View. Instead it will show a “see more” link to view all of them.
  • Performance Improvement – We implemented a new web technology that should significantly improve performance. Expect faster load times and a generally snappier feel from the platform.

What’s Fixed

  • Outline View – There was no minimum size for titles in the Library Outline, so outlines with very deep structures had some very small titles.
  • Forecite – Sometimes Forecite would still be shown even if there were no results to show, or vice versa.
  • Search Scope – Sometimes clicking the “Apply” button in Search Scope would not actually apply the new scope.
  • Search Scope – Sometimes adding terms to your search would reset the Scope to “Entire Database”.
  • Sort Order – Changing the order in the Sort Order dropdown menu sometimes wouldn’t change the order of your results.
  • Search Options – Spooky Halloween bug! – Going to the Start screen and modifying your Scope would sometimes bring back the ghost of searches past. 👻
  • Upgrade Messages – Upgrade messages for documents outside of the current subscription were being cut off on smaller screens.
  • Results View – The bottom half of some lowercase letters was appearing cut off in some document titles.
  • Results View – Under very specific circumstances, all results would sometimes disappear from the Results View.
  • Search History – Search History was not always properly displaying the scope settings of recent searches.

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