7.4.1 – Hotfixes

What’s Changed

  • New Icon for Purchasable Materials – The red dollar sign icon was causing some users to mistakenly believe that we would immediately charge them if they clicked on materials not included in their subscription. The new price-tag icon is less threatening and more in line with our actual practice of simply presenting subscription options in lieu of the document text.

What’s Fixed

  • Your Library – There was some odd scrolling behavior in the Document History and Search History lists.
  • Outline View – The on-hover orange borders around libraries in the Outline were sometimes compressed or obscured.
  • Email a Document – Sometimes emailing a document to yourself would trigger a new email to be sent for every subsequent document viewed.
  • Document View – Sometimes the bottom of the document viewer was appearing above or below (rather than at) the bottom of the screen.
  • Focus / Hover States – Some elements had a tendency to shift around a little bit when focused or hovered-over by users.

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