7.4.10 – Hotfixes – 7/12/2019

What’s New

  • Annotations – You can now view annotations at the bottom of Statutes like in Fastcase 6 by clickng the button that says “Annotations”.

What’s Fixed

  • Picklist Typeahead – You can know start typing in a jurisdiction or document type and it will limit the picklist to that entry.
  • Citation tooltip – Now shows accurate case if you click on a second case form the results list
  • Padding – Result Results padding is the same as Suggested results.
  • Annotations Cases – Were not opening from Annotations window, now they are.
  • Printing Services – Is much more stable.

What’s Changed

  • Authority check on Single Document – When searching for a citation or when a search brings up only one result, the authority check now automatically shows.
  • Save scope and sort by – Switched locations on search options page.
  • CSS Changes – minor CSS work.
  • Switch search terms and search scope – On search options to make it more intuitive we’ve switch search scope and search terms so you pick your jurisdiction first.
  • Change Icon – Switched form a pencil tot he word “Change”.
  • Scope to Jurisdiction – Changed “Search scope” to “Search Jurisdiction”.
  • Removed “& Other” on search options – When Other/Non-Jurisdictional is selected, it doesn’t show & Other on the heading of Outline.
  • Search within case – Now automatically goes to the word searched.

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