7.5.0 – Tellus



What’s New


Additional detail and descriptions 


New Jurisdiction & Source Menu, expediting selection/changes of search scope.



New Facets allow easier refining of the search scope, jurisdiction editing, and quantifying of the number of results in each category.



New Library – Florida Legal Malpractice Law library added.



 What’s Fixed


  • Opening links in new tabs. Clicking on links using CTRL+Click (or right-clicking “Open in New Tab”) now properly opens the document in a new browser tab.
  • Bad Law Bot now shows negative treatment at the top.


  • Document Icons Menu now better scales for smaller screens, no longer hidden behind a hamburger menu (☰), but are always displayed.
  • Error messages corrected to be more helpful.
  • Interactive Timeline now displays without requiring user mouse movement.
  • Loading Spinners are no longer displayed slightly off from the Icons.
  • Better Typeahead hover behavior. When hovering over Typeahead suggestions, the suggested results no longer jump over to the right.
  • Fixed Chrome Autocomplete, which previously covered Typeahead suggestions and other results. This has been fixed site-wide.


What’s Changed


  • Added Icons to Scope Bar, permitting users to more-easily Remove and Edit the current scope.
  • Results List Grid permits (1) easier scanning and (2) quicker sorting.


  • Suggested Terms and Tag Cloud. The previous Tag Cloud feature can now be displayed in a list format, permitting users to quickly change their search query to (1) add that term or (2) exclude that term.


  • Browse Tooltip now reads “View an outline of primary and secondary materials.”

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