7.5.1 – Tellus: New and Improved

Released: 11/12/2019


What’s New


– Alerts – You asked for them, and now you’ve got them. Version 7.5.2 brings long-awaited caselaw search alerts to Fastcase 7! Set search results as an alert and receive a daily email of all new cases that match that search query.


– New Features on the Results List – Understand search results faster! We’ve added lots of new things to the results list, including (1) an icon to jump straight to the outline view(2) tag showing the result’s document type (e.g., Book, Case), and (3) the publisher of secondary sources. 


– Advanced Options Icon – To get to Advanced Search settings quickly, click the gear!


 – You asked for this! Personalized Search LibrariesDon’t get around much? You can now set and select your personalized favorite libraries in the advanced settings window: (1) pick your customized default, (2) search your lastused scope, or (3) search all libraries at once.


What’s Fixed


– Now it’s easier to select jurisdictions! – This was a frequently requested feature: Now you can pick libraries by starting to type your state — or a kind of legal library (e.g., “jury”) — to customize your list of libraries to select. Type a state to filter on sources related to both that state and its related federal jurisdictions. If you’d prefer to browse everythingjust click on Advanced Search Options.

– Capture the flag: Authority check edition – This fixes a bug where the “A” icon for statutory annotations would remain the A, even moving on to view a case. Noit properly changes to a flag when it is a case, and an A when a statute.

– Total Results – Number of total results moved from refine search panel to under the search bar and now updated when you apply a facet.

– Copy with Citation – This used to have a weird orange box over it. The new box is less weird.

– Better filtering of Facets – The filtering of jurisdiction and sources in the sidebar now includes both short and long name and related jurisdictions.

– Search History – Search history used to require special incantations to re-run an old search. Now simply requires a click on the search terms to re-run the search.

– Firefox Annotation Scroll – Annotations now scroll *all the way* to the bottom in Firefox.

– Minor CSS changes – A few little things to make the user experience that much better

– Clio Disconnecting – Corrected issues disconnecting from Clio

– Does this attachment make my e-mail look big? – If a document is too large for e-mail we now give the option to download it or copy the public link.

Authority Check Fixes – Fixed issue where all the dates were today’s date and infinite scroll when sorted by most cited or most recent. Infinitely better.

IE Compatibility – It’s 2019, and you know that you shouldn’t be using Internet Explorer. Even Microsoft doesn’t support it anymore. But we’ve made some changes to help you out, as you make the transition to a 21st Century browser.


 What’s Changed


– D.C. Ct. App. – D.C. Court of Appeals abbreviation corrected and categorized as state supreme.

– Error Handling – Fixed some of the errors in our error messages.

– Batch Print Icon – On the browse page the printer icon is not inside the arrow to avoid accidentally clicking the batch print.

– Counts on Suggested Terms

The Suggested Terms now have counts, showing how many documents contain each suggested term. You can filter down to: 

  • results that include these terms (+) or  
  • results that exclude these terms altogether (-). 


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