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Fastcase 7 was designed for you, the user. You deserve a smarter and faster way to complete your legal research. Fastcase 7 is legal research application full of new tools and features using the latest technology to help you do just that. Below are guides, on demand videos and live webinars to help you research smarter in Fastcase 7.   Welcome to legal research of the future – Fastcase 7!

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Welcome to Fastcase 7 webinars are hosted every Monday at 2 PM EDT. Our team will offer you a guided tour of Fastcase 7, explaining how to use the system and highlighting new tools and featured content.


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FAQ - Transitioning from Fastcase 6 to Fastcase 7

Will Fastcase 6 still be available?

Yes, Fastcase 6 will remain an option for the near future. We hope that the new tools and features in Fastcase 7 will make your research process fast and easy. However, if you need Fastcase 6, you can switch back under the “account” button.

Why is Fastcase making the change to Fastcase 7?

As technology advances, there are new possibilities for the design of the database that were not possible when Fastcase 6 was created. Creating the new system has allowed for the development of new features, such as predictive typing in our Type-Ahead feature, Universal Searching, our Semantic Tag Cloud, and other features. Our system will also be easier to update so we can continue to create new features without disruption to the service.

Does Fastcase 7 include all the content (statutes, regulations, treatises, caselaw, etc.) in Fastcase 6?

Yes! All the primary law content that was in Fastcase 6 is in Fastcase 7. For secondary content, Fastcase 7 has more content than Fastcase 6, including new secondary materials that are available without an additional charge. These include legal blogs from our partnership with Lexblog and expert witness profiles from our partnership with Jurispro.

Will it be easy to transition to or use Fastcase 7?

Yes! Not only will you have support materials like this one to answer common questions, there are a whole series of support materials available for you, from guided tours built into the system, on-demand videos, live webinars, quick reference guides, full users guides, and of course the wonderful Outreach team at Fastcase who are eager to answer any questions for you.

What are the technology requirements/ will Fastcase 7 work with any browser?

Fastcase 7 is gorgeous in the common browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari). Fastcase 7 also works in Internet Explorer; however, as a responsible tech company, we encourage attorneys to use the newer browsers as many aspects of the older Internet Explorer browser are no longer being maintained by Microsoft.

What if we have new ideas for Fastcase 7?

We welcome new ideas! We would always love to hear feedback and to see if we can add new features as part of our development process. Please feel free to send those to us at support@fastcase.com!

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