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Fastcase Expands Legal Analytics Capabilities With Docket Alarm Acquisition

Fastcase Provides New Competitive Advantage with Litigation Alerts and Legal Analytics Through Docket Alarm Addition

Washington, DC (January 10, 2018) – Fastcase today announced its expansion into the federal and state docket alerts, legal news and data analytics markets with its acquisition of Docket Alarm.


Docket Alarm’s advanced analytical capabilities, customizable real-time litigation alerts, case prediction indicators, and technology-driven research tools complement Fastcase’s quest to add unique, must-have content for its subscribers and provide leading legal analysis with contributions from firm partners across the country.


Docket Alarm, founded by intellectual property litigator Michael Sander, has been a disruptor in the legal analytics market. Leveraging both a library of hundreds of millions of litigation records and its machine learning and natural language processing tools, Docket Alarm has quickly become a preferred analytics tool for identifying judicial trends and predicting litigation outcomes. Docket Alarm provides analytical profiles on judges, parties, law firms, and attorneys, identifying win rates, time to decision, and even measuring gender diversity at law firms. Unique for the industry, Docket Alarm’s API gives other firms and companies the ability to leverage its existing database of PACER cases, alerting capabilities, and analysis in bulk.


The nation’s largest law firms, Fortune 500 companies, and market research and consulting firms rely on Docket Alarm to search, track, and analyze judicial trends in lawsuits and bankruptcies in federal, state, and administrative courts. Its insight into the ITC, PTAB, and TTAB give intellectual property litigators unparalleled visibility. Its new state court analytics products give New York, Texas, and California litigators tools they have never seen before.


“Fastcase’s legal research tools have changed the game for published opinions, but they are just the tip of the iceberg,” said Ed Walters, Fastcase CEO. “Docket Alarm adds insights from court filings in cases that never result in an opinion, giving litigators a more complete picture in their research. Now Fastcase and Docket Alarm subscribers can search motions, pleadings, and briefs; get clear analytic insights into judges and law firms; and understand the history of similar cases. Analytics are the future, and Fastcase and Docket Alarm are going to be right in the center of it.”


Walters added: “We have tremendous respect for Michael, a truly great legal tech entrepreneur, and we can’t wait to work with him. Docket Alarm and Fastcase were both individually great, but the combined service is going to be a blockbuster.”


“Building a company from scratch was not easy, especially in the legal market with technology that relies on the analysis of millions of cases with high accuracy. Seeing sophisticated law firms, in-house counsel, and financial institutions come to rely on the platform has been incredibly rewarding,” said Sander. “Docket Alarm has the technology to usher in a new age of litigation analysis, and Fastcase has the resources and will to change the way attorneys and law firms research the law; it’s an excellent team to join, at an exciting time.”


Beginning today, Sander will become the Managing Director of Docket Alarm and Director of Fastcase Analytics. Current Docket Alarm subscribers will continue to enjoy access to their accounts through docketalarm.com with their login and password with no disruption to their access. As Fastcase continues to build out its Analytics, Legal News and Alerts Services, products such as Docket Alarm, the AI Sandbox and Full Court Press will enable Fastcase customers to add and enjoy these unique services and content to their Fastcase subscription.


Fastcase co-founders Ed Walters and Phil Rosenthal continue to challenge the status quo in the legal publishing industry. Since founding Fastcase in 1999, they have consistently pursued the mission to make legal research smarter and to democratize the law, making it more accessible to more people. In July they added former LexisNexis executive Steve Errick to drive their product roadmap, which has seen them add in addition to news, dockets and analytics, the launch of a publishing arm, Full Court Press, and the addition of a library of expert commentary of more than 15,000 expert legal bloggers in the LexBlog network.



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