Mueller on Patent Law

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Author Janice M. Mueller
Publisher Full Court Press

“The 2020 edition of Mueller on Patent Law by Professor Janice Mueller provides exceptionally complete, accurate and penetrating insights into the intricacies of the innumerable issues in this specialized, complex and rapidly developing area of law. I am using it in writing amicus briefs for the Federal Circuit and the Supreme Court as well as for articles on such issues for both patent practitioners and the staffers and Members of the Congress. Among its many advantages is the tight organization that enable instant location of the exact material one seeks. I know of not better resource, for this two-volume work reflects her lifetime of deep scholarship in this field.” – Judge Paul R. Michel (Retired), Former Chief Judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (2004-2010) and Circuit Judge (1988-2010)

Mueller on Patent Law is a comprehensive yet accessible two-volume legal treatise for patent practitioners. This well-organized resource provides concise and timely access to U.S. patent law in the twenty-first century, focusing on game-changing Federal Circuit and Supreme Court decisions.

No longer an obscure specialty, patent law protects intellectual assets of tremendous economic value in the global economy. For better or worse, patent practitioners now confront a tsunami of information and advice offered by websites, blogs, specialty journals, and even smartphone apps. Mueller on Patent Law provides a clearly structured filter through which to absorb the content flood. Rather than a historical encyclopedia, this treatise is a carefully curated guide to understanding the current state of patent law and how it has developed during the Federal Circuit’s tenure.

Volume I of Mueller on Patent Law focuses on the requirements for patentability, both pre- and post-America Invents Act of 2011 (AIA), as well as patent prosecution procedures. Volume II covers patent enforcement and validity challenges, including AIA-implemented post-issuance USPTO review. Both volumes emphasize the criticality of patent claim drafting and interpretation.


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