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Fastcase is the leading next-generation legal research service that puts a comprehensive national law library and powerful searching, sorting, and data visualization tools at your fingertips.

Find What You Need, Fast.

Comprehensive Coverage

Fastcase is a comprehensive, nationwide law library, including case law, statutes, regulations, court rules, constitutions, and law review articles. It's one of the largest online law libraries in the world.

Citation Analysis

Identify the most authoritative cases in results, every time. Fastcase integrates citation analysis into search results, telling you how often each case in your results list has been cited. It’s like Shepardizing or KeyCiting each case in search results, except that you can see the results automatically integrated into search results. Now you can sort the most seminal case to the top of the list, with one click. Only Fastcase offers this powerful tool.

Smart & Fast Results

Fastcase’s powerful sorting algorithms bring the best results to the top of the list every time – making research powerful, fast and easy. Search results are listed in relevance order by default, but you can re-sort the list to fit your research, to prioritize what’s important to you in every search. Sort in date order, highest court first, alphabetical order, or most cited cases at the top of the list. Fastcase’s powerful sorting tools make it easier and faster to find the cases you need, no matter what kind of research you’re performing.

Mobile App & Sync

Fastcase puts the entire American law library in the palm of your hand with free mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Data Visualization

Map search results visually, so you can see at a glance which are the most important cases. The patented Interactive Timeline view of search results plots all of the search results on a visual map, showing how results are distributed over time, how relevant each case is based on your query, how often each case has been cited generally in the database (“cited generally”), and how often each case has been cited by the super-relevant set of other search results (“cited within”). Mouse over any case on the map and get the case name, citation, most relevant paragraph, and citation analysis for that case. The patented Interactive Timeline is the most advanced legal research tool in the market – there’s nothing else like it!

Desktop & Mobile Print

Unlimited printing is included in every Fastcase subscription. Print beautifully in Word or PDF, in single or dual-column format. Batch print cases with ease!

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A Fresh Start – TopForm is Now Fastcase BK

TopForm was a pioneer in bankruptcy petition preparation – the first market leader in guided bankruptcy forms and filing. Bankruptcy lawyers around the country relied on TopForm because its guided
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A Conversation with Anastasia Tonello – AILA President


90 New Books Available on Fastcase

Fastcase has partnered with James Publishing to bring a complete library of 90 essential books to our users. As with other Fastcase and Full Court Press subscriptions, these titles are continuously updated to bring our users a seamless digital experience. Completely integrated into the Fastcase ecosystem, they can be searched alongside cases, statutes, and more in Fastcase 7: Mercury.
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Blog Press Releases

California Lawyers Association Partners with Fastcase

Members Gain Free Access to Leading Legal Research Library   Sacramento, CA and Washington, DC (October 17, 2018) – The California Lawyers Association (CLA) and Fastcase today announced a partnership
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Fastcase Launches Version 7.3 – Code-named “MERCURY”

Today Fastcase released a major update to the Fastcase 7 Legal Research Platform. This release is the first in a series of planned changes and fixes intended to get Fastcase
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Explore Comprehensive Criminal Law Treatises on Fastcase

Fastcase Partners with Carolina Academic Press to Provide Expert Content. This past year we’ve responded to the requests of our users by ramping up our secondary content collection, from employment to healthcare law, in an effort to provide something invaluable for every practitioner. Now, we’re excited to offer a new library for customers interested in criminal law and evidentiary issues published by Carolina Academic Press, one of the most respected legal publishers in the world, having published the lauded Plain English for Lawyers in addition to nearly 600 other titles.
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Exclusive Discount for Fastcase Subscribers to Suffolk Law’s Legal Innovation and Technology Certificate Program

Fastcase subscribers can now receive a 10% discount to Suffolk University Law School’s new Legal Innovation and Technology Certificate. This first-of-its-kind online program consists of six courses designed to prepare legal
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Fastcase Announces 2018 “Fastcase 50” Honorees

The Award Honors 50 Innovators, Visionaries, and Leaders in Law   Washington, DC (July 9, 2018) – Legal publisher Fastcase today announced the company’s annual list of “Fastcase 50” honorees.
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Docket Alarm’s “Analytics Workbench” Pioneers Customizable Legal Analytics for All Cases, All Practice Areas

A New Category of Tools for the Growing Class of “Makers” in U.S. Law Firms   Washington, DC (July 5, 2018) – Docket Alarm by Fastcase, a leader in litigation
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Blog Press Releases

The Mississippi Bar Brings One of the Largest Law Library and Online Legal Research System to Mississippi Lawyers

Mississippi Lawyers Gain Free Access to Fastcase   Washington, DC (May 17, 2018) – The Mississippi Bar and Fastcase today announced a partnership to provide free access to Fastcase’s nationwide
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What People Are Saying About Fastcase

"Fastcase has 800,000 subscribers and has not raised their prices since their launch. Yet they continue to build out a product which is growing more and more like Lexis and Westlaw and
looking less like its competitors in the ‘low cost’ market."

Jean O’Grady

Dewey B Strategic

"Fastcase is one legal research app you definitely should have in your toolbox."

Niraj Rout


“Because of Fastcase, I am able to compete with the larger firms.”

"Like the Tesla Model S, Fastcase 7 is faster and smarter, but it’s even better than Tesla because you won’t have to search for a Supercharger to use Fastcase."

"This system is designed to cater for the fact that legal research almost always involves delving into a very specific area of law rather than generically searching for cases. This presumption has led the Fastcase team to feature a search function which shows not only how popular a particular case citation is in terms of how many times it has been cited in other cases but also demonstrates its popularity based on how many times the term has been cited in that particular area of law, providing search results which are arguably far more relevant."

Tristan Cardwell


"At all times, everything users need to access the cases and statutes that comprise the whole of the content, is presented cleanly and intuitively on the screen."

John DiGilio


"When a company already has a winning platform, it is a big gamble to jettison it and replace it with something that is entirely new… Current users will be glad to know that this new version does not discard any of the functionality that was already available in Fastcase. Rather, it enhances that functionality in several respects — most notably with universal search — and does it through a faster, more intuitive interface that puts all the key resources and tools right in front of you.
I know that Fastcase spent a long time developing this new platform and put a lot of thought and work into it. From what I’ve seen so far... the gamble paid off."

Robert Ambrogi


"Fastcase 7 is a platform which invites lawyers into deep interaction with the content. Each screen has an amazing variety of visually distinct displays which invite a researcher to explore their search results in different ways."

Jean O’Grady

Dewey B Strategic

#1 Legal Research App

Winner of the prestigious American Association of Law Libraries (New Product) Award, Fastcase for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone is used by more attorneys than any other legal app according to the ABA. Anyone may use the app for free to access Fastcase's comprehensive legal research database on the go.