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Who Is Fastcase?

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Law Street Media

Legal news.

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Full Court Press

Expert treatises.

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Next Chapter

Bankruptcy forms and workflow.

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AI Sandbox

Custom AI tools with Fastcase data.

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Docket Alarm

Dockets and analytics.

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World-class legal research.

Trusted by Over 30+ Associations

Fastcase is a proud partner to over 30 national, state, and county bar associations as a member benefit.

What is Fastcase?

Core Applications

The core functions to law practice should be efficient and make you feel prepared. Fastcase offers a collection of cloud-based applications – Fastcase legal research, Docket Alarm and NextChapter – for you to swiftly accomplish your research and form completion tasks.

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Data-driven law practice is here to stay. Fastcase offers a spectrum of data tools to help you answer questions you never thought possible – How long will this take? What are the odds of me winning? Who else has done this? Let us help you master the data and drive your practice forward.

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Data Feeds & Links

Engaging and retaining clients is difficult. Fastcase offers data feeds and links to enrich your marketing and client resources, and make you more valuable to your clients. No matter your firm size, smartly engaging your clients is possible.

Workflow & Practice Management

Automation is key to smarter legal practice. NextChapter’s automation and workflow tools make form-based practice areas smarter. Fastcase data feeds and APIs can easily integrate into client dashboards for a centralized workflow experience.

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What do our clients have to say?

I am a solo practitioner who loves Fastcase.  Almost spent a fortune on Westlaw but now I know that would have been a huge mistake.  Fastcase has everything I need.

Jack Grimes


Data is driving a new reality in the practice of law. We wanted to roll-up our sleeves to better understand the ways we can leverage data to build solutions for clients.

Mark Wasserman

Co-CEO at Eversheds Sutherland LLP

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