/ September 14, 2008

Hari Puttar?

Sounds familiar, no doubt.  Hari Puttar is the title of a new Indian film that was set for release in the U.K. this week, only to be held up in court by the makers of the beloved blockbuster sensation Harry Potter.  Hari Puttar does bear some resemblance to the story of everyone’s favorite wizard; it follows a young Indian boy who emigrates to England with his family, who is then caught up in an evil plot which he must foil in order to save the world.  However, the film’s creators maintain that while the name Hari Puttar sounds a whole lot like the English Harry Potter, the traditional Punjabi moniker has nothing to do with the Boy Who Lived.  The first name Hari is very common in India, and the last name Puttar translates to “son.”

Mirchi Films, the Bollywood production studio releasing the movie, must now detain the movie until the end of September to address the Warner Brothers lawsuit.  In its complaint, Warner Brothers argues that the title confusing.  I would agree, but as long as little Hari Puttar is not flying around Britain on a broomstick, its seems likely that the kids will catch on.
Source: BBC News

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