/ November 11, 2008

Try Fastcase for Free!

Try Fastcase for 24 hours – it’s easy to sign up, completely user-friendly, and free!  Do it in three easy steps:

1. Enter your name and email address here.  
2. Follow the link to create a password.
3. Check your email and follow the link back to Fastcase. 
Take advantage of Fastcase features during your trial:
1. Print cases directly from Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat.
2. Visualize your search results using our unique interactive timeline.
3.  Access any of the Fastcase’s customer support options:
-Email: support @ fastcase [dot] com
-Phone: 1-866-773-2782
Online Tutorials – Three-Minute Legal Research “Lessons”
User Guide
If you need any help setting up your free trial, call us at 1-866-773-2782 or email us at support@fastcase.com.
Note: We do not ask free trial users for any credit card information.

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