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Legal research on the go? Fastcase has the first ever App
for that - and it is available for free in the Google Play.

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Unique and Intuitive Features

  • Free, searchable library of American cases and statutes
  • Keyword (Boolean), natural language, and citation search
  • Browse or search statutes
  • Most relevant results first
  • Customizable search results that you can sort five different ways
  • Search results automatically display number of citing cases
  • Jump right to most relevant paragraph of any case or statute
  • Integrated research history
  • Save favorite documents for use later
  • Case law is updated regularly
  • Mobile Sync with Fastcase desktop subscriptions
  • Works on Phone and Tablets



Please visit our FAQ Page page first, if you need additional help, email us at


Have You Already Registered
with Fastcase?

  • Have a retail subscription to Fastcase
  • Signed up for a free trial of Fastcase in the past, or
  • Have already registered for Fastcase for the iPhone/iPad

Then, you do not need to re-register to access the Fastcase Android application. Just download the application using the link below and login using the same username and password that you normally use. If you have forgotten your password, you can click on the link below to retrieve it.

Please note: If you access Fastcase through your bar association, then you should register as a new user.

The Fastcase App for your Android

Have you ever found yourself in a courtroom hallway preparing for oral argument and wishing that you could search for a few more cases? Would you like to be able to log some legal research time during your subway or bus commute? How about double-checking a statute provision before walking into a client meeting or a settlement negotiation? Now you can.

Fastcase for the Android is the largest free law library on Android and it uses smart search technology from Fastcase's fully-featured Web-based legal research application, which allows you to sort the most relevant results to the top of the list, customize and re-sort search results, and integrate citation analysis tools right into the results list.

This application is free, but you will need to register an account so that you can save favorites and your own customized search history. There are tons of customizable features, so the more you use the Fastcase App, the better it fits you!

Download Fastcase for Android. Questions? Visit the FAQ Page


What critics are saying about Fastcase on Android

"Fastcase for Android is top notch for any attorney's mobile arsenal. The Android version of Fastcase mobile carries all of the great features of the iOS version, and certainly is sleek and well-designed." - Jeffrey Taylor, The Droid Lawyer

"In my opinion, every attorney should have this app on his or her mobile device. You never know when you might need to check a case or find a statute. With this app, it is quick and easy to do legal research on the road. And at a cost of zero, you can't beat the price." - Bob Ambrogi, LawSites Blog

"Fastcase seeks to set the standard for mobile legal research, and their mobile app design will be something Lexis and Westlaw will have to work hard to match. We're only halfway through 2012, and I can already tell you this will be a 2012 must have Android app for attorneys." - Jeffrey Taylor, The Droid Lawyer

First it was iPad, and iPhones, then it was cloud printing and now its Android. Fastcase runs to its own drumbeat away from the mainstream research providers. - Jean O'Grady, Dewey B Strategic Blog

"I have no doubts that any attorney or librarian who needs to do research on the fly would consider this app to be an important part of their research arsenal." - Jenny Wondracek, RIPS Law Librarian Blog,

"After air, the Fastcase apps make free the best things in life for lawyers: Cases and Statues." - Sean Doherty, Law Technology News

"Its ongoing release of features and apps continues to demonstrate the Fastcase commitment to innovation and making legal research easier and more cost-effective for its users. In my opinion, every lawyer that refers to statues or case law need to have this app on their Apple or Android device." - Nerino Petro, Compujurist

"The fact that Fastcase makes these apps with access to 50 states statutes and case law available for free to subscribers and non-subscribers goes a long way toward access to the law for all people." - Catherine Sanders Reach, Attorney at Work

"It's a tremendous resource." - Matthew Hickey, The Sociable Lawyer

Do You Access Fastcase Through Your Bar Association?

If you access Fastcase through your bar association, you will need to register an account for our Fastcase for the Android app. You will be able to do this once you download the application from the Google Play. Please note that in the registration process, you will create a new username and password to use with the Fastcase app. When you are accessing Fastcase on the web through your bar association, continue to use your bar login credentials.

Have You Already Registered with Fastcase?

If you are a current Fastcase subscriber or if you have signed up for a free trial of Fastcase in the past, you do not need to re-register to access the Fastcase Android application. Just download the application to your phone and login using the same username and password that you used to access your subscription or trial at

If you have forgotten your password, click here to retrieve it

Enjoying Fastcase on your Android Device?
Get the most out of your experience by upgrade to full Fastcase subscription.

Subscribers to the Fastcase Premium edition get great additional content and smarter features, including:

  • Unlimited customer support and reference assistance
  • Dual-column printing
  • Powerful sorting tools that empower you to find your best results quickly and easily
  • E-mail a case or search results to yourself or colleagues
  • Beautiful, visual maps of search results
  • Many more libraries, such as court rules, administrative regulations and constitutions
  • A la carte newspaper search, people finder, business intelligence, forms
  • unified PACER search (one search for all courts)
  • no contract, transparent pricing, no minimum duration, and no surprises

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